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PAX East 2010 Keynote: “Welcome Home” March 31, 2010

Players along the east coast, descended upon Boston last weekend for PAX East 2010. In the largest event of gaming solidarity to hit the east coast, gamers came together to share a common bond, frag one another in game-play, get a hands-on feel for some of the latest technology and experience for themselves soon to be released titles.

Who better to open the inaugural PAX East event than a man recognized throughout the gaming community as an Ambassador of Geekdom, Wil Wheaton. Best known to mainstream audiences as an actor and writer, Wheaton has been a gamer most of his life. As he began his speech, he recounted some of the gross misrepresentations faced when politicians and the media demonized games and the gaming industry. He also highlighted the industry’s triumph as gamers refused to sit and be silent.

In his keynote, Wheaton helmed a trip down memory lane, detailing the many faces of  games as they have evolved over the years. Sharing his own love affair with games, he emphasized the importance gaming plays beyond entertainment.

“Game are important. Games matter. PAX is where we come together to celebrate that.”

Many players are met with confusion and ridicule when outed to friends and family members that do not play, particularly those of us over the age of 25. Those that do not play games, do not understand the appeal. They do not see how the imagination is sparked, how critical thinking skills can be honed and emotional bonds can be formed simply by sitting in front of a gaming table, or console, or PC. We become the Freaks, the Geeks and the Outcasts to the “normal” people.

Wheaton’s keynote was a call to arms, a call to be inspired. His words fostered pride in our identity as gamers and strengthened the bond that players attending PAX events will share always.

“When you create something together, you are building bonds with your fellow gamers that could last you entire lives.”

Never have I heard the passion felt by gamers and the virtues of games so well extolled. For that, I thank you Wil Wheaton.

With reports coming in of attendance in excess of 50,000 gamers, not all of us could squeeze into the Main Theater for the keynote. Thanks to YouTube user Cheshyr, everyone can watch Wil Wheaton’s keynote (10 minutes at a time).

For more information about PAX East, check out the website.

If you do not currently read Wil Wheaton’s blog, do yourself a favor and go!


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