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Dragon*Con 2010: My Dream Schedule August 31, 2010

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If you’ve been to Dragon*Con before, you know that trying to cram everything you want to see and do into 3 1/2 days is near on impossible. However, every year, thousands upon thousands of us make attempt the impossible. While I know it is improbable, I have developed my dream schedule to optimize my Geek Out session for Dragon*Con 2010.


10 am – True Blood with Actors

11:30 am – Warehouse 13

1 pm – Buffy/Angel

2:30 pm – Eureka

5:30 pm – Simon & Kaylee

7 pm – Buffy & Dr. Horrible

8:30 pm – Violent Video Games

10 pm & on – Stargate Party


10 am – 21 Days to a Novel

11:30 am – Legend of the Seeker

2:30pm – Farscape

4 pm – Firefly

7 pm – Browncoats: Redemption Screening

10 pm – Browncoat Shindig

11:30 pm – Bedlam Bards Live


10 am – Buffy/Angel

11:30 am – Scapecast Podcast

2:30 pm – Data from Data

4 pm – Farscape

5:30 pm – The Signal Podcast

7 pm – To V or Not to V (Back-up Panel: Being Human)

10 pm – BSG/Caprica


10 am – Whedonverse

11:30 am – BSG

1 pm – Red Dwarf

4 pm – Eureka

I realize there are some panels I have listed on multiple days. This is just a contingency plan. The one constant at fan conventions is lines. I am prepared to stand in lines for up to 2 hours for the big panels I must see. If I miss a panel the first time around, here’s hoping I see it another day. Of course I will not make it to all these panels. In addition to the geekery, I have friends to see, more friends to make and at some point a gal has to eat. Nonetheless, if I had my way and if the Con Gods are on my side, maybe, just maybe I’ll get my wish.


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