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Unrequited January 15, 2013

Filed under: Writing — sultryminxzoe @ 12:02 am

They say unrequited love is for fools. Having been there before, I can tell you it’s true.

You said you wanted me, said you needed me, said you’d never put anyone else above me.

Like a girl with big puppy dog eyes, I fell hard – hard for your lies.

I gave you my hand, I gave you my heart. I gave you the rest of me when the lights went dark.

Before I met you, I knew who I was.

I was strong; now, I’m just another naive girl strung along.

The worst of it is I blame myself. I let you think you could leave me on the shelf.

“It’s better to have loved and lost,” that’s a phrase reserved for the loved.

How do I reconcile that with my heart you should have treated with kid gloves?

Fallen on the floor – beaten, battered and bruised, it’s starting to feel like I always lose.


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