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Writing Revisited January 15, 2013

Filed under: Writing — sultryminxzoe @ 6:52 pm

My mother would tell you I have been writing poetry and short stories from the time I learned how to write. Like many writers, I have aspirations of writing a novel and who knows, perhaps one day I will. At one time, I wrote with wild abandon. I would sit at my computer, place my fingers on the keys and the story unfolded before me. I may have started with a basic idea of a plot point. For the most part, however, I found as much delight in discovering where the story would lead as strangers did while reading.

These days, I write about video games, web series and all thing geek on my website, Good To Be A Geek. While I enjoy the topics and even a more formal tone in the writing I do for the site, I have been thinking more and more about revisiting my authorial past. You can see by my most recent posts, I have started already.

If you would like to comment, feel free to do so…or don’t. Truth be told, I am posting these musing more for the exercise of doing than for public consumption. That being said, constructive criticism is always appreciated 🙂


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