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Repo Men repossessing Repo! The Genetic Opera January 13, 2010


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Universal Pictures released the first movie trailer for Repo Men, scheduled for theater release April 2, 2010. Check out the official trailer below [posted by Viso Trailers, YouTube user trailers].  

Based on a novel penned by Eric Garcia, Repo Men is set in the not so distant future where artificial organs can be bought on credit. The question you need to ask is, “what happens when you miss a payment?” Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are the answer – two ordinary men who make their living recovering organs from people whose accounts are in default. When Jude Law finds himself with a heart he cannot pay for, he must go on the run before his debt can be collected.  

If you are reading this post on my blog, you are a cult movie follower or an intense Whedonite, you may be thinking this movie sounds a little familiar. That’s right kiddies, you are thinking of Repo! The Genetic Opera. A project which began as a 10 minute stage performance concocted by friends Darren Smith & Terrance Zdunich, Repo! The Genetic Opera intrigued audiences. As its popularity grew, the project continued its evolution, culminating in a feature film backed by Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate Entertainment.  

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This cult hit is a rock-opera that chronicles the lives of characters in a future where organs are up for sale. Can’t pay cash? That’s okay, GeneCo, the corporation making all this possible offers a payment plan. Be sure to keep up with your payments, lest a Repo man hunt you down to repossess on your debt. Don’t fret, take a shot of Zydrate – a drug to take away all your pain, harvested from the dead and peddled in back alleys.  

Repo! The Genetic Opera is available for purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, check out the official trailer below [posted by YouTube user SteeffMD].  

Terrance Zdunich addressed the Universal movie and the onslaught of questions and comments he has received from fans of Repo! The Genetic Opera on his blog. He has taken a decidedly positive stance. His blog post highlights the steps taken to guard against any copyright claims and points out some of the differences between his creation and the new movie. He implores fans of Repo! to share with others why they enjoy his stage play and the cult movie writing,  

“As fans of REPO!, this gives you a unique opportunity to testify to those who bring up Repo Men, those who may be unaware of the existence of REPO! The very controversy over what looks like idea theft could rally a whole new viewership to REPO!’s fandom.”  


For more information on Repo! The Genetic Opera, visit the official website. To read Terrance Zdunich’s blog, visit his personal blog. For more information on the Universal Pictures release, Repo Men, visit the official website.