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#FollowFriday for Dragon*Con Attendees August 14, 2009

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I am pleased to announce that I will attending Dragon*Con 2009! Dragon*Con will be my very first fan convention and I cannot express how excited I am. In my mind the best part will be all the wonderful people I’ll get the chance to meet. I am not just talking about actors, writers or vendors here – I am talking about fellow fans!

For my fellow attendees, or my followers that want to live vicariously through us lucky fans, here’s a list of people on Twitter to follow for your Dragon*Con 2009 fix!

  • @shannycakes77
  • @trainerr
  • @browncoatsmovie
  • @tiredeyes
  • @actionchick
  • @klinqueen
  • @timeofthefaerie
  • @kelleyclark
  • @Dre297
  • @Medhbh
  • @einaphets
  • @BethDolgner
  • @SurlyAmy
  • @guildlaunch

I am very sorry if I missed anyone. If you missed the list this week, just send me a tweet and I will be happy to add you.