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My Mind’s Eye January 15, 2013

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Dark and cold,
I yearn to be touched,
yearn for your loving embrace.

Sleep comes hard for me in this strange place.
In the end, it does come and my mind is pulled
in so many directions.
Fragmented and fuzzy, broken images haunt me.

I see you there, in the corner of my mind.
I run to you.
The more I want you, the farther away you are.
Will we ever be together?

I long for you.
You are safe and reassuring,
I need that now more than ever.
I call out to you.
Why can’t you hear me?

This is my torment. . .
In my mind, I exist.
In your reality, I do not.


Penned 01/07/2002



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They say unrequited love is for fools. Having been there before, I can tell you it’s true.

You said you wanted me, said you needed me, said you’d never put anyone else above me.

Like a girl with big puppy dog eyes, I fell hard – hard for your lies.

I gave you my hand, I gave you my heart. I gave you the rest of me when the lights went dark.

Before I met you, I knew who I was.

I was strong; now, I’m just another naive girl strung along.

The worst of it is I blame myself. I let you think you could leave me on the shelf.

“It’s better to have loved and lost,” that’s a phrase reserved for the loved.

How do I reconcile that with my heart you should have treated with kid gloves?

Fallen on the floor – beaten, battered and bruised, it’s starting to feel like I always lose.